• Royal Plywood
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A premium product from the house of Mayur
The durability & stunning appearance of Gurjan timber makes it an excellent and affordable option for furniture. Royal Plywood, Mayur’s premium offering embodies these qualities and more. Made solely from Gurjan wood, faced with Gurjan veneers, and hi – compression bonded with unextended PF resin, Royal Plywood is versatile and environment-friendly as well as 100% termite and fungi proof. It is therefore more durable than wood, yet surprisingly affordable and guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects. 


  • Both face and core veneers are derived from selected Gurjan logs
  • All the layers consist of a single species - Gurjan
  • Only long size panels are used for less susceptibility to expansion and shrinkage
  • No gap and overlap
  • Excellent bonding as unextended PF resin is used and plywood is pressed under high compression
  • 100% guarantee against termites and fungi
  • Aesthetic look
  • Not only versatile and relatively environment friendly but also less costly and more durable in comparison to solid wood
  • Guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects


  • Wherever plywood is used
  • For exterior and interior general purposes
  • Furniture, partitions, cabinets
  • Panelling
1. Timber Only Dipterocarpus species
2. Density of plywood Approx 825kg/m3
3. Adhesive Unextended undiluted BWP Type conforming to IS 848 : 1974
4. Preservative treatment All logs are cooked to remove starch & to kill micro-biological organisms.
Glue line is fortified with CCP treatment.
Finished panels are treated with CCB method.
5. Veneer
a) Selection

b) Density

c) Treatment

Veneer to Veneer ratio
SAP portion of veneers are segregated and only class 1 durable veneers are used

Since single species of timber is used, the density of all veneers remains the same

Veneers are treated with preservatives

Max 1:2
6. Bonding Guranteed for lifetime
7. Durability Excellent and extra durable
8. Face thickness 1.00 mm
9. BIS relevance Exceeds all parameters
10. Moisture content(%) 8-12%