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  • Mayur Ply Wishes Happy Eid Mubarak 2015

  • To help your interiors keep pace with the changing face of fashion, Mayur has launched a range of premium ply - Mayur Decorative Ply.
  • Specially crafted, Mayur Decorative Ply offers you exquisite textures and designs as well as solid resilience. Now your house can mirror your persona and be the talk of the town. With notions of beauty and style continually evolving, newer fashions find a way into living rooms just as it does into our wardrobes, to replace the old and the dated. Mayur Plywood’s new range of decorative ply can change the way your home looks - effortlessly - with every season.
  • Decorate your home with Mayur Decorative Ply and bring home a rare blend of beauty and strength.


  • Available in wide range of designs, colours, shades and grains
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Gurjan Core for natural pest resistance
  • Better glue shear strength for good bonding


  • Furniture
  • Panelling (including panelling for buses and ships)


  • Use good quality synthetic resin adhesive for joining
  • Clean with soft clean cloth before applying varnish and polish
    Natural Recon Burma Teak
1. Thickness available(mm) 4mm Only 3.5mm Only All thickness
2. Dimension available
(mm X mm)
Max. 2440 x 1220 Max.2440 X 1220 Max. 2440 x 1220
3. Density(Kg/m3) 700 600 700
4. Type of base panel BWR Grade MR Grade BWR Grade
5. Water Resistance Test
of Overlay Veneer:
3 hrs in 60º C +
2º C (3Cycle Warm Water Soakign &
Pass Pass Pass
6. Moisture content(%) 8-10% 8-10% 8-10%
7. Adhesion of ply Excellent Excellent Excellent
8. Water absorption < 1% < 5% < 1%