• Marine Plywood
  • Mayur Ply Wishes Happy Eid Mubarak 2015

Manufactured from a single species of imported hardwood, Mayur Marine Ply is ideally suited to various sea and inland vessels, as it can withstand climatic variations and high humidity. It is pressure impregnated with preservatives, making it safe from marine organisms, borers, insects, fungi, termites etc. ideal applications for this ply would be for ship flooring/ decking, material handling vehicles, cargo hold covers, wall sheathing, life boats, paneling, partitions etc.


  • Withstands heavy impact of tossing and turning in the sea
  • Withstands alternate wetting and drying
  • 1.2 mm thick face
  • Pressure impregnated with preservatives


  • Maintenance and repair of marine and river crafts
  • Interior of ships and liners
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cooling towers
  • Public hoardings, signboards, display-boards etc
  • Tanks for liquid chemicals
  • Portable cabins and shelters that are exposed to severe conditions
  • Structural applications


  • Scarf jointing to make longer and broader panels should be done with special care so that minimum tensile strength and other characteristics are retained
1. Thickness available (mm) Up to 40mm
2. Dimensions available (mm2) Max. 2440 x 1220
3. Density (Kg/m3) 800
4. Water resistance test  
a) Boli cycle (72hrs) Pass (72hrs boiling)
5. Moisture content (%) 8-10%
6. Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Wet > 100
7. Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Dry > 135
8. Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Mycological > 100
9. Adhesion of ply Excellent
10. Water absorption test < 5%
11. Screw holding strength (kg) > 275
12. Nail holding strength (kg) > 150
13. Static bending strength:  
(i) MoR (N/mm2)  
a) Across the grain > 30
b) Along the grain > 50
(ii) MoE (N/mm2)  
a) Across the grain > 4000
b) Along the grain > 7500
14. Across the grain

Along the grain

Sum of both
>250 kgf/cm2

>420 kgf/cm2

>845 kgf/cm2
15 Preservative treatment  
a) Gue line CCP treatment
b) Preservative chemical retention CCB (12kg/m3)