• Flexi Plywood
  • Flexi Plywood
  • Mayur Ply Wishes Happy Eid Mubarak 2015

Mayor Flexi Plywood is the first choice for all applications which require bends and curves. It is flexible, user-friendly, and does not need any specialized tool. Especially useful for covering rounded pillars, beams and construction of designer front-desks, racks in retail showrooms, reception areas etc. it is self-supporting and does not require structural skeletons or special supports. It is the one ply that can be moulded and bent into any shape without it clipping, cracking, peeling or staining.


  • Allows cold forming to small radius, does not require heat forming or water treatment
  • Self-supporting : Eliminates need for structural skeletons or special supports
  • Rounded structures, complex multi radii shapes and non-linear design models can be easily made
  • Less expensive than pre-made wood forms


  • Essential where bowed or curved shapes are required
1. MOR 90 N
2. MOE 8600 N
3. Screw holding (IS : 1734) 1250 N
4. Nail withdrawal (IS :1734) 950 N
5. Bending Diameter 4mm 6cm
    6mm 10cm
    8mm 20cm
    12mm 38cm